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Social Networking for Buisness in a Local Commuity

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Social networking is a valuable tool that can be used to contact , stay in touch with your firends and if you are in the gen y set you already know what it is and how to use it.  The next generation of the web is hear and you need to learn how to use it in buisness. Stay in touch with your clients and find new clients.  Find out what they are looking for and how they want it delived to them.  With the economy like it is small rural commiunities need to work together to create wealth in their commiunities.  We talk about tool you can use and things you can do to reach out and bring the money home.

 An 1 hr disscussion:  [audio:]

We talk to Brian Killeen from the Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce about the services availible for small buisnesses in Berkshire County to help them create a buiness plan, finacing, and other help you can get for free.  We also talk about and how we can use it to create buisness in the local area.  Learn how we can use what we have to create buiness in our local area. Call the chamber at  413 528-4284

A 25 min disscussion:  [audio:]



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What to look for when you are buying a computer.

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Everyday you I talk to someone that is buying a new computer.  We talk about what to look for what kinds of computers are out there and what you do need.

Look at what you need to do with the your current computer?

What do  you really need?  Listen and find out now.




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10 common problems with your computer.

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Today Paul and I talk about the 10 most common probems with your computer. Your PC computer that is.  We also talk about the new MAC OS 10.5 Leopard. Why to move over the Firefox for you browser and much more.

[audio:]  our hour discussion

[audio:] our 25 min overview.

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CT 96/4 Backup your computer or lose it.

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Indepth discussion about what to back up and how.  1hr


Summary of what to back up and how.  25 min.


Listen to our discussion about how and why to back up.

Paul and I talk about ways to help you through this without losing you mind and losing your data.

What to back up. There are two schools of thought: Some people say you should back up your entire hard drive, others that you should just back up your important data. I subscribe to the latter theory, yet actually follow the former.  A full back up is a long process. It takes lots of time and a lot of the data you backup will never be used. If you are going to backup your whold system my choice is to use a program Called Ghost.

Automated vs. manual. Automated backups are always better than manual ones. Since backups tend to slow down the performance of your  computer, it’s best to do them at 3 a.m. or some other nom productive  time. But, if you choose to back up during the late night or early morning, you’ll have to leave your computer turned on overnight.

Tape. For most of us, tape-based backup solutions are too expensive and/or too complicated. Most require multiple tape changes, which is a pain, and the tapes themselves aren’t cheap. But they do have the advantage of being easily portable, so you can take your precious data to a different location, where it’s secure from fire and theft.

CDs and DVDs. I don’t recommend CD’s or even DVD’s for backing up. CDs don’t hold enough data for most backups, and you have to sit there and change the disks. DVDs hold more data, but you’ll still need maybe a dozen to back up your drive, and they cost less then $5 each. Recordable disks are great for small backups, I suppose, but lousy for anything else.

Software. There are too many options when it comes to backup software. The one I trust is still Acronis’ True Image here is a review of both Acronis and Ghost. Other people prefer other programs, with all sorts of good reasons. You can ask your friends what they use–but that probably won’t be much help, because hardly anyone actually backs up their data.

Files and Settings Transfer Wizard. If all you’re backing up is critical data, you should consider the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard in Windows XP. It’s intended to move your data from an old machine to a new one. But it can also be used to make occasional backups of your documents, mail, and important application settings.

Online. Consider backing up online. Connected Corp.’s  BackupMyStuff, for example, costs as little as $6.95 a month. Unfortunately, storage space is limited–as "little" as 100MB. Apple’s  .Mac service offers a similar feature, they also incresed their storage to 10 gb of basice storage for $99.00 a year.  A story from ZDnet.

Hard drives. One of the easiest ways to back up one of today’s giant hard drives is with another of today’s giant hard drives. They’re cheap, fast, and frequently include a free copy of the personal version of Retrospect. I’ve invested in several FireWire/1394 and USB 2.0 devices, of varying capacities; if your computer doesn’t support FireWire/1394 or USB 2.0, you can buy an add-on card.

Network storage. If you’re backing up multiple machines on a network, you can use a network-attached storage device, like the  Quantum Snap Server. It’ll back up all the hard drives on your network, as well as make public files accessible to everyone. One caveat: Because of its relatively slow connection (11mbps), my 802.11b wireless network seemed to crash when I was backing up across the net. I haven’t fully tested this problem, and may have misdiagnosed it, but that’s been my experience.

ABS. The absolute easiest way to back up may be one of the ABS (Automatic Backup System) devices from CMS Peripherals. These are small (in size, not in capacity) hard drives built into sturdy, road-worthy cases. Plug one in and it backs up your machine. They work with all the MS operating systems as well as with Macintosh. Some even create a bootable drive that can be installed into your computer to replace a faulty drive. With a 500GB drive selling for less then 200 dollars, this no longer a  pricey option on a per-machine basis. It is a great option for a notebook-heavy sales force.

The bottom line: Your best backup option is the one you’ll actually use. It’s all too easy to ignore the chore–so most people do. But if you think about how much it would cost to replace that information, then regular backups aren’t really optional. Around my office, they’re the law.

Here are a few link I found that might be some help.



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Computer Therapy 78 – Bulk email

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Today I talk about bulk email and what it can do for you.  You can also read some of the other articles on bulk email on this site.Podcast2.jpg

  1. What is bulk email?
  2. How does it help me?
  3. why should I pay some one to help me with my mail?
  4. Can I collect emails from my site?
  5. Do I need to know any code?

Find out about this and more on todays show.

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Computer Therapy 75 – Computers, Technology and my Business

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Community Radio stikes again.  We had sound issues at the top of the show.  sorry. 🙂

Today I am talking with Paul from Practial Solutions in Great Barrington MA.  We talk about what small businesses can do to use the tools that are out there. 

  1. How can we make them work for us?
  2. Make our days more fulfilling?
  3. What are the mistakes that a small business makes over and over again?
  4. What you can do to help yourself in each day?

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Computer Therapy 49 Old Computers, I need to use it. and Ebay how to sell and buy.

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Today we talked with Micheal our friend from Iowa about dual boot machines. the question is, I have an old program and need to use it.  OR I have to get some data from the program.  There are ways of getting these programs to run. find out how.

In the second part of the show we talked about Ebay,  How to sign up buy and sell.  What to look out for and more.



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Computer Therapy 64 Mac mini as an Entertainment System

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The Mini mac as an entertainment system.  Add a hard drive, connect to your new flat screen TV and what do you have a ITV that Steve Jobs announced at the last Mac World.  This show is the fund drive for our Radio Station WBCR-LP 97.7 Great Barrington, MA .  I did talk about the Mac mini some.  You could listen and then go to and donate some money to keep our station going.

Thanks in advance. 

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Computer Therapy 43 Open Source Software

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Today we talked about open source software. What is it? Why is it free? Is it ready for prime time? We looked at a opensource project called Ubuntu it is an interface for the Linux OS. We also took a little time to talk about technology and children. How old should a child be before they see TV or use a computer. Does it matter if the child didn’t have any computer training a younger age? This is a lead in to next weeks show.

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